CP 1102 Subluxation Reflection

The main thing that I took away from this session was linguistic insight on the word of subluxation. I had heard this word when shadowing chiropractors before I came to CMCC and had done some cursory research on subluxation. I had come across many of the biomechanical and pathophysiological theories of what subluxations are and what a chiropractic adjustment can do to help these subluxations or musculoskeletal conditions. I however was not aware of some of the historical conflict that surrounds the word subluxation.

I am still deciding whether I want to use the word subluxation to diagnose when I practice. I have heard that it is viewed as a lazy way to diagnose as you are just avoiding using proper medical terms to describe the joint lesion. I have also heard that some practitioners continue to use this as a diagnosis because they do not feel that using a word such as restriction instead of subluxation adds any more to a diagnosis and they value the traditions of chiropractors before them.

It has become apparent to me that some chiropractors view relying on the use of the word subluxation is a way for some chiropractors to avoid practicing properly. However, I believe that the theory that someone believes is just that, theory. If the practitioner still identifies the underlying pathology and treats the patient ethically and professionally the specific word they use to describe their findings should not matter.


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