CP 1102 Interprofessional Relations Reflection

This session drove home to me how important it is for a chiropractor to be informed not only about their own profession but about how all other health care professionals practice. I believe that the health care system would be more effective if lines of communication between different types of practitioners were more developed and open.  If a practitioner finds themselves with a patient that their normal course of treatment is not helping it is not enough for that practitioner to say to them selves “well I tried” and move on. Ethically they must still act in the best interest of the patient and try to find someone who can help them. One can only do this effectively if they are informed about what other professionals can provide. If they are properly educated about other professions’ practices they can also add more tools from other professions to their metaphorical tool belt for treating patients if it is within their scope of practice. Patients will also be more trusting of a clinician who is informed about all aspects of health care and does not just stay within their comfort zone because it will be obvious to that patient that the clinician cares.


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