Featured Content: A Year in Review (Session 12 Assignment)

It has been a long and winding road that has brought me to the twelfth and final session in the year one Foundations of Chiropractic Principles and Practice course. This course covered many concepts that I had little to no grasp of before participating in these sessions. I am glad to say that I now have even more questions than I started with because this course has stimulated my curiosity about where this profession has come from and where it may head in the future.

At the beginning of the year my expectations were solely based on what I saw on the home page of the CP1102 Kiro site. I saw the title Foundations of Chiropractic Principles and Practice and a picture of D.D. Palmer so I knew we were going to delve into the history of chiropractic. I expected the learning to be based on online modules and readings as there were no lectures. What I did not expect was the loose, self directed structure of the course which lead to much more reflection than content based learning.

I was surprised at the amount of philosophical focus in the content as I did not know about how much thinking had gone into the philosophy of chiropractic. I was also surprised at how a lot of the history we learned served as more as an example of what not to do and practices the profession has mostly abandoned as opposed to positive examples of chiropractors’ triumphs. There were a few things that disappointed me during my time in CP1102. This course being designed as an introduction to a wide variety of subjects so I did not get a sense of full understanding or closure about the issues raised in our sessions. Also because of this wide-reaching design of the course some of the concepts that I felt were more important, ones that would actually influence the way that we practiced were not given the attention they were due. I also felt the discussions would have been more applicable to practice if current events were incorporated into the cases we looked at. Hopefully these concerns will be remedied in year two courses.

Sessions towards the end of the year were very different than at the beginning. Through completing the narratives students gained the proper vocabulary to be able to carry out more in depth discussions about chiropractic. Students also became far more comfortable sharing their ideas with the group. In the first half of the year the sessions were trending towards more interesting case based content but this trend was not carried into the latter half of the year. Even though the discussion improved as the year went on I felt the structure of the sessions was weaker in the second half. This was disappointing because I felt the areas of study in the second half were much more relevant to chiropractic practice while the first half of the year felt like busy work.

This course was useful to me because I became much more informed about the history of chiropractic. My personal philosophy remained unchanged at the end of this course. I have always valued information that is well based in fact and it is why I was drawn to study in a scientific discipline. However, now that I know more of the history and philosophies that were one time common I feel like I have a better understanding of the chiropractic profession as a whole. I believe that one’s personal philosophy will influence how they practice more than learning about what others have established as the philosophy of chiropractic. It is whether one values truth and fact or if one tends to be a follower that will lead them to challenging dogma or accept it.

Over all I am glad that I have had this experience in the CP1102 course. It has given me much insight into where the profession has come from and where it may be heading in the future. Having the opportunity to listen to the perspectives of my classmates was very valuable in helping me develop my own opinions.


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