Entrepreneurship (Assignment Session 8)

Entrepreneurship is one of the most exciting opportunities for practicing chiropractors. Running your own business creates lots of options for you as a health care professional to provide the best individualized care that you can to each of your own patients. With all these options however, comes great responsibility to hold yourself to the highest standards possible. I think the business aspect of becoming a chiropractor with my own practice will be challenging but ultimately afford me the flexibility to be able to practice how I want to and make a significant impact on my patients’ lives.

My personal business experience is quite limited as I have never been involved in running or managing a company. I have however held the same summer job at a golf course for many years now and have had the opportunity to observe how they conducted business. With this golf course being a small company I was lucky enough to be able to see how they conduct day to day business such as ordering supplies and filling out pay roll. What I value most about my time at the golf course is that I learned the how proper communication can greatly improve productivity and team morale. If you take the time in the short term to give constructive feedback and make employee feel like part of a team, each employee will adopt the values of the team and view the company’s success as personal success. I will definitely apply this mindset if I am lucky enough to run my own clinic.

Based on my scores on the Business Development Bank of Canada’s entrepreneurial potential self-assessment, my scores in all categories were below the average entrepreneurs’. This result is concerning to me because I do see entrepreneurship as part of my plan for my career in the future. My main strengths related to my ability to work well under pressure which makes sense to me because I have always been able to perform both athletically and academically.  I struggled most with questions related to my confidence in running a business. This makes sense to me as I am only now beginning to understand how much there is that I don’t know about being a chiropractor. I believe that as I continue to learn and prove myself in the various evaluations that are a part of the program I will gain confidence in my skills and professionalism. I also believe that gaining clinical experience in fourth year will do wonders for my confidence and motivation once I get to see the effect a chiropractor can have on a patient’s life truly first hand. This assessment was useful because it has helped me set goals and motivate myself to work towards becoming the best chiropractor I can.

I believe that the best way to handle any situation is to look at it from as many view points as possible. For this reason I think getting opinions from practitioners in other disciplines would be very valuable especially in difficult cases. This is why I would like to practice either in a multidisciplinary clinic or to build many connections to health care professionals who practice other disciplines and work in close cooperation with them. I believe doing this from my own clinic would give me greater flexibility than working in a hospital setting.

To be a successful entrepreneur you have to be able to understand the market place, the basics of business acumen as it applies to your business and how to effectively lead a team. Professionalism, lifelong learning and committing to excellence in your trade are some of the best ways to be a successful entrepreneur. The role of an entrepreneur to lead and have a positive impact on their community is what makes it an appealing option to me.

Table 1. Business Development Bank of Canada Entrepreneurial Potential Self-Assessment Results

General Results 149
Your Motivations 54
Your Aptitudes 60
Your Attitudes 35

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